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A full comprehensive Home Inspection can is a non-invasive, visual inspection that can identify any deficiencies or hazards present, and offers insight as to what type of repairs or replacements will be needed. This will help you get an overview of the condition of the home and it’s structures, and a assist you in the decision making process at the time of purchase.

This inspection is recommended for buyers, sellers, and investors. The home inspection will come with a detailed inspection report with color photos and recommendations.


A wind mitigation inspection is a visual inspection intended to identify the wind resistant features of the home to see what type of insurance discounts the home qualifies for. A wind mitigation is an elective inspection that is usually requested by the insurance agent. This inspection could potentially save the homeowner hundreds to thousands each year on the wind portion of their home insurance policy.


4 Point inspection is a limited visual inspection required by insurance carriers to obtain a new policy. This inspection helps the underwriters access the risk of writing a policy for the home and ensures the home meets their qualifications. The 4 major systems inspected on the 4 Point is the Roof, HVAC, Electrical System, and Plumbing.

The 4 point inspection must be conducted by a qualified licensed inspector, with a report that meets the insurance carriers requirements.


A Roof Inspection is a non-invasive visual inspection performed by a licensed inspector or roofing contractor. A roof inspection may be required by the insurance carrier if the roof is over 20 years of age or if there is no documentation available to prove repairs or updates. The underwriters want to know the roof is in good condition without defects, and is at low risk of failing during a storm.

The inspector will look at the roof to evaluate the current condition; taking into consideration the age, material, and expected life. This inspection includes the Roof Condition Certification Form (RCF).


An Elevation Certificate evaluates the buildings’ elevation to ensure an accurate flood insurance policy quote and the level water will rise during a base flood.

A boundary Survey helps determine the true property lines of a property; the corners of a parcel in a deed.

A boundary Survey is advised before buying, dividing, improving or building on land. By having a survey, you may avoid future disputes, lawsuits, or resolving boundary issues.

Our Surveyors are professional and experienced and provide elevation certificates and boundary surveys in Central Florida.


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