4 Point Inspection

4 Point Inspection


What to expect on a 4 Point Inspection

The 4 Point Inspection is an evaluation of the 4 major systems of the home. The licensed home inspector will inspect these systems and complete a 4 point form with photos to send to your insurance company. It is important the inspector has access to all systems to ensure a complete inspection. Here are the systems we will be inspecting on the 4 point and what you can expect during your 4 point inspection.

Electrical System- The electrical system is a major concern for the Insurance Company because any hazards present with this system can pose dangerous threats not only to the home but the people in the home.

The inspector will need to remove the electrical panel covering to see the wiring. We are checking for things like; improper wiring, aluminum branch wiring, and double taps etc. The inspector may test outlets as well.

One thing to note: Insurance companies will not accept certain electrical panel brands such as Federal Pacific Electric (FPE)

HVAC- The heating, ventilation, and air conditioner is a system that insurance carriers are concerned of. They want to know the age and condition of the air handler and condensing unit to ensure that there are no visible hazards present, and that they are not near the expected lifespan.

The main concern is the heat source. Underwriters want to make sure that the HVAC has a source of heat and no portable heaters are present in the home.

Roof- The roof is a major line of defense for the home. If the roof is in poor condition or has any issues, it increases the risk of it failing during a storm. In this case, the home and contents are susceptible to severe damage.

The inspector will evaluate the roof for any deterioration or damage, taking into consideration; the average lifespan of the roofing material, current condition, and age. A Roof Condition Certification Form (RCF) will be filled out with photos for the insurance company.

Plumbing- The insurance carrier wants to know thy type of plumbing, age, and current condition to ensure there is a low risk of severe damage occurring. Major water damage can occur if the plumbing system fail. The inspector will be evaluating the type of plumbing and if there is evidence of leaks or damage. If any issues are present, the homeowner will need to fix in order to obtain insurance.

The inspector will evaluate the visible plumbing under the sinks, behind the washer, and the water heater. The evaluation will be noted on the 4 point inspection report with the necessary photos attached.